Engineering Humanity's Future in Space


High fidelity environment models-gravity, radiation, atmospheres, oceans, terrain....


Model templates for articulating 3D objects, dynamics, analytical code, and automatic model integration into simulations.

Virtual Reality

Multi-user/multi-player player scenario-based event-driven VR simulations.

A Multi-User VR Engineering Platform for Worldwide Collaboration in Space

SpaceCRAFT is a new concept for collaborative space system and mission design. It is a Virtual Reality (VR) ‘Sandbox’ environment designed to enable students, government and commercial entities to collaborate, design, evaluate and experience the technology for future operations in Space. SpaceCRAFT aims to enable any person or institution to contribute to humanity’s future in Space.

  • Integrated

    API’s with common CAD, simulation, programming and analytical tools (Matlab, C++, Blender, ROS, TRICK, etc)

  • Customizable

    Customizable User Interface tools—displays, controls. Create and share models and simulations online.

  • Innovative

    Advanced tools for planet creation, artificial intelligence, engineering algorithms…..

responsive devices

Mission Design & Simulation

SpaceCRAFT provides the capability for system design and scenario-based operational testing of integrated mission concepts in the actual intended environment using high fidelity physics and engineering models in VR.

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